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An e-book, "Introduction to Eclipse Modeling Tools" (in Japanese) by our CEO, is now available on Amazon (follow this link to our Kindle book)
view5 LLC has moved to a new location. Please see About page for new address.
EclipseCon NA2016 trip report published
Eclipse Sirius trial reportpublished
Eclipse Xtext/Xtend introduction published
EclipseCon NA2015 trip report published
Model-based Software Development Community in Japan initiated. First gethering will be on Feb. 7.

Viewpoints and Model-based (Application) Systems Design and Development Consulting Services

Consulting Service area

  • Enterprise architecture design based on viewpoints
    • Based on International Standards: ISO/IEC 10746, 15414, and 19793
  • Model-based System Development using Eclipse Modeling Project
    • Custom DSL Development (with Eclipse Xtext, Sirius)
    • Code generation (with Eclipse Xtend, Acceleo)
    • GUI/Statemachine simulations etc.

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