The company has been named after an International Standard, in which a founder has been involved in standardization activities for some time. It is called RM-ODP, Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing. This standard defines five viewpoints in which different aspects of a distributed system are described using viewpoint languages. This is a framework for specifying distributed systems in a standard way, and also provides a basis for development of such systems. The "view5" was taken after the standard "five viewpoints."

What we can offer

Based on experience in software systems development as well as various standardization activities at e.g. ISO and OMG, we see value in good architecture design, in good modeling, and in model based software development. These are the tools to get to robust and reusable systems. view5 LLC offers consulting services and prototype/system development services in these area. Note that although we prefer open systems/tools, we can work with proprietary systems/tools if it is required.

Although this web page is the official company's web page, a founder has his public blog on software architecture and modeling (in Japanese): public blog.

Contact Inforamtion

view5 LLC
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Suishin Bldg. 7F, Kita-Saiwai, Nishi, Yokohama, 220-0004 Japan
Akira Tanaka
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